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Sevices provided by ALTA Assisted Living Transition Associates

FREE SERVICE: There is no cost to you or your family for our services. The way we get paid is much like a realtor.  Once we have found the new home that you or your loved one moves into, the community or home will pay us a referral fee for bringing them a new resident. 


Whether you are looking for:
  • Independent Living community (Meals & Housekeeping Included)
  • Assisted Living Community (Various Levels Of Care Included)
  • Memory Care Community (Dementia, Parkinson's And Alzheimer's Care)
  • Residential Care Home (Also Known As A Group Home - All Levels Of Care)
  • Behavioral Care (When A Person Is A Danger To Themselves Or Others)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Care (Also Known As TBI Care - Special Care Needs)

    We can help. 

    We will explain the differences between the options listed above and help navigate you to the best option that meets your individual needs.

ALTA's 3 Easy And Proven Steps To Success:  


The Assessment - Everyone’s situation and circumstances are unique. We assess your situation and circumstances in order to discover how we can best serve you and your individual needs.  What are we looking for in the assessment?

  • Care Needs – We need to discover the current care needs and what your goals are for the future of your care or that of your loved one.  This will help us to understand which option listed above is best suited to the individual and we will guide you accordingly. 

  • Budget – We will discuss the costs associated with the various options listed above and then talk about the current budget that is available,  We will also explore the various benefits that might be available to help pay for the care.  Some of the benefits include ALTCS and Veterans Benefits. If the person needing the care can qualify, we will direct you to resources that can help with the application process to make sure you get the entire benefit you are applying for.

  • Location – This is usually easy however, none-the-less very important.  With your help, we will identify the ideal location for family and friends to visit and work to get the person needing care as close as possible to that location.  We cover the entire metropolitan Phoenix area and have also helped find placement throughout the State of Arizona. 

Touring – Together, with you, we will personally tour the best options available that meet the criteria discovered in the assessment.  With our expertise, we will not waste your time or ours looking at places that won’t meet the care needs, fit the budget or are in the wrong part of the valley.  As a result, 95% of the time, we visit the best 3 options that meet the criteria, and we are finished.  It’s that simple!  One of the options, if not all 3, will be something that you feel good about.  If not, we will simply re-assess and determine what’s missing, then look at a couple more options until we find the right one for you or your loved one.

Move In – While the move-in is primarily your responsibility, we will recommend some great resources to help facilitate the move.  In Addition, we will guide you through the entire transition to the new home and help make sure you have everything you’ll need to make the move.​

Stress Reduction:
We help take the stress out of what can be a very emotional and exhausting experience.  Sometimes people are just not prepared or feel ready to make such a move, but for their safety or health needs, it may be necessary. If you have been the caregiver for a long time, you too may need some relief. There is no need to feel guilty about this because sometimes stages of life or levels of care simply become too much. We understand what you are going through. It seems hard now, but we are here to help you every step of the way - we have techniques and personalized transition specialists who will work to explain the options and can provide encouragement to achieve a smooth, safe, and loving transition.

A Word Of Caution:
There are over 2500 options of various types of assisted living in the Metropolitan Phoenix area. It can be quite overwhelming to try to find the right options alone and there are companies on the internet who claim to provide a similar service to ours but they will only provide you with a list of places and send you on your way. Few, if any of the options they provide you with will be sorted and qualified by them to meet the true needs of your situation and circumstances. In addition, driving around just hoping you'll stumble on the right place will waste huge amounts of your time.  That's what sets our service apart from the competition.  

When you do place trust in us, you will know how much ALTA cares. When you are ready, we have a few questions for you to determine your needs.

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