Frequently Asked Questions

We have been helping people solve the problem of finding the best environment to meet the care needs of themselves and loved ones since 2010.  With that experience, you can feel confident that we know where the best quality community and homes are. 
We never show options that we have not previously visited and assessed.  Because of our years of experience, we have relationships of success, having placed residents previously with most of the homes and communities we recommend. We have developed our own 5-star rating system that helps to navigate through the nearly 3000 options that are available in the Phoenix metro area.  

Apartments in apartment style living accommodations (ie; Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities) typically come unfurnished.  So, it is up to you or your loved ones to provide furniture and other desired furnishings to make the apartment comfortable.   

Rooms in Residential Care Homes can come comfortably furnished, partially furnished or they can be made completely empty to accommodate your furnishings and belongings. Depending on your expected stay, whether you are temporarily needing a place just to recover (a respite stay), or whether you plan to be a more permanent resident, you may wish to decorate your room to make it your own. Pictures, plants, or a favorite blanket can go a long way to bringing you comfort.  And, comfort after all - is one of the most important considerations.

For financial reasons or for social interaction, you may also choose to share an apartment or room.

What's included in an apartment community? 
In an independent living, assisted living or memory care community, rent will usually include 1 - 3 meals a day plus house keeping 1 - 4 times per month.  Care is typically an additional cost depending on the level of care and depending on the community.  The level of care also determines what is not included in the rent.  In other words, what a person can do for themselves may have out of pocket costs in addition to rent such as laundry.  However, you can expect that the following items will not be included: Personal items (which can include; hair products, tooth or denture/oral care, incontinence products)

Medication and Medical co-pays; flu vaccinations, medical co-pays, Annual TB (Tuberculosis) testing (required by the state)
What's included in a Residential Care Home?

In a residential care home, your rent will cover the cost of 24/hour care, management of medications, housekeeping, laundry, 3 meals per day, and snacks. You can expect that pretty much everything is included except for the following three things:
  1. Personal items (which can include; hair products, tooth or denture/oral care, incontinence products)
  2. Medication and Medical co-pays; flu vaccinations, medical co-pays, Annual TB (Tuberculosis) testing (required by the state)
  3. Service Plan; - Required by the state will need to be written by a nurse.  In a residential care home, you will have to pay extra for this service.  In an apartment-style community, they usually provide this service at no extra cost.  


As mentioned above an Annual TB (Tuberculosis) test is mandatory and must be up to date within a few days after move in. There is also something called a "Service Plan" that you need to be aware of. It is essentially a care plan, written by a nurse, required by the state. There will be a Care Needs Assessment that is sometimes done before you or your loved one can move in and at other times is done shortly after move in. It helps the care providers understand and meet the healthcare needs or changing needs. There are nursing companies contracted by the Care Homes to provide this service. Typically you can expect them to visit as often as once every three months, six months, or once per year - depending upon the previous assessment. There is a cost for this service. It is usually about $50 for the initial assessment and currently about the same ($50) each time one has to be written.

What is the Goal? 
The goal is to offer as much independence as possible, as long as you or your loved one can do things safely, they will have the freedom to do whatever they feel comfortable doing for themselves and want to do. But caregivers are there to assist with anything you/they need help with. We hope to arrange for reliable and worry free care so you can be secure in knowing that your loved one is being well taken care of.

What are the prices? 
Prices will vary depending upon the level of care, location, and whether you choose a shared or private room/apartment.  However, based on information about your individual budget gathered in the assessment phase of Our 3 Steps To Success, we will find accommodations that fit within your budget.  We will also be able to recommend potential sources of funding for the care.  Navigating insurance benefits, Medicare and Medicaid (ALTCS) and any military benefits available to you is our specialty. We may be able to help you find benefits you didn't even know are available.

What's our commitment to you?
We help to take the stress out of what can be an emotional transition, even helping to arrange for transportation. Sometimes people are just not prepared or feel ready to make such a move. But for their safety or health needs it may be necessary. If you have been the care-giver for a long time, you too are in need of some relief. There is no need to feel guilty about this, because sometimes stages of life or levels of care simply become too much. We understand what you are going through. It seems hard now, but we are here to help you every step of the way - we have techniques and personalized transition specialists who will work to explain the options and can provide encouragement to achieve a smooth, safe, and loving transition.

When you choose ALTA to be of service to your family, we will be investing a lot of time, expertise, and dedication in finding the best solution for you. As stated previously - there is no cost to you or your family for our services. We are paid much like a realtor is, but unlike a realtor - we do not require you to sign an exclusive contract. We give you our word to provide you with the best options that will meet your needs, and in return, we ask one thing of you -  that when you accept our help, you will trust us to do our job, and you will stop shopping other services or doing research on your own. That is why we are here, to take the stress and frustration out of finding the right environment. This is all we do - every day. The reason we ask you to commit to us, as we commit to you, is that we may not be paid for our work if there is more than one referring agency involved in your case. ​When you accept help from ALTA, we believe that you will be as pleased with our service, as so many other families have been since 2010 which is when we started serving seniors in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

When you do place trust in us, you will know how much ALTA cares. When you are ready, we have a few questions for you to determine your needs.​